The End

19 10 2009

“The End.”

As soon as you saw those words, you knew what they mean. It’s obvious for the phrase speaks for itself. The movie has ended, and it is time for you to go. What else could they possibly mean?

There are times though when what sounds or appears trivial and commonplace suddenly strike our senses with unexplicable interest. “Must be another such strike,” you silently told yourself. You are left amazed at how such seemingly simple words can suddenly capture your thoughts, evoking things you never sought contemplating. Tonight, you found yourself mesmerized by this strange phenomenon. Read the rest of this entry »

The Night Is Not Yet Over

17 10 2009

Bottles dancing

to the tune of an endless music;

Glasses singing

to the tone of a timeless classic,

reminding me

that the night is not yet over.

How can it be

when it’s drowned by the fuddling water?

Music in My Solitude

17 10 2009

Music pierces through my ears

like the sound of dry leaves

falling to the ground

wet with morning tears.

The Homecoming

17 10 2009

I feel lost

weary and wasted

in a place I once thought

I could find the happiness I wanted.

Ah, frustrated I am

by this world full of sham

unable to seek luck

so now I must go back…

back to where my life belongs

to what destiny calls home.

The Unknown Poet

17 10 2009


a passion

of his life…bored;

an expression

of his dreams…untold;

It is the art

of his untamed heart;

the song, the music

of his soul – divide but sick.

In My Mother’s Wake

17 07 2009

Midnight peace

drowned by laughter and cheers.


Midnight songs

sung in frenzied tunes


Midnight games

played around the flames.


Who cares

if the dead is asleep or awake?

Fateful Reunion

17 07 2009

By chance

or by fate

we met

in that three-wheeled space

where, suddenly,

a passion long gone returns;

a dream once lost is found;

At last I heard your voice

And my sealed lips are opened

Then, once more

my heart is carried to the moon.

Where Are You?

17 07 2009

My thoughts rapidly flew

sailing across the other shore

hoping they might find you  

but where did you go?


In this deck of dreams where I stand

I see nothing, no one

Nameless faces look nothing but silhouettes


Artfully, the ship dances with the waves

in this sea that seems boundless, endless

like your thoughts and memories.


To you, I am eternally enchained

A willing captive of our promises and dreams 

For what is a ship without the sea?

And what am I without you with me? 


The shore is near

Yet, you’re still nowhere 

Everyone’s gone now

Again, I’m left standing here

Still wishing,

still dreaming 

You’ll appear, and be true to your bow

But where are you?

Leave Me Alone

17 07 2009

When the morning comes

I shall kiss the sun

summon it into my arms

for better be to the sun

to shine on and on

in its eternal bloom.


When the evening comes

I shall call upon the stars

gather them into my hands

and let them join the sun

for the better be to the stars

without the night

without the moon.


The sun, the stars, and me

together we shall be

against the night, against the moon

against their scary gloom

for better be to the world

if we are left alone.

Midnight Silence

16 07 2009

Another nocturnal struggle

From yesterday’s ghosts

Again punishing, again conniving

Me and my memories

But who would hear my plea if everyone’s sleeping?


So I sought solace in midnight silence

But whoever told that silence is peace

Or that laughter means happiness?

Really, of paradox and contradiction

This midnight silence

Providing peace, while causing chaos

Now who can I turn to,

When midnight turned from friend to foe?


Music, maybe

And  drown myself in melodies of make-believe

Poetry, perhaps

And consume my thoughts in the elegance of its words ;

But music is a mystery to me

And poetry’s but a perplexity

Both inspire, both turture

Ah, another paradox and contradiction!

So, who else can be a better ally?